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Ebony Butler, who goes by Ebunny Shanay, is creator of Etalks Online, model and aspiring actress from Philadelphia.. Ebunny spent her childhood being raised in Richmond, VA where she developed an interest in music, dance, art, modeling and TV. After graduating in 2006, then relocating back to Philadelphia, Ebunny took up studies in Marketing and set out on her journey to become a well known face in her hometown, Philly.

Throughout her journey, Ebunny has been involved in many events after joining a promotional modeling company, in 2010, by the name of College Mansion. This was her first real taste toward her modeling career which she took head on and became solely dedicated. While with College Mansion, Ebunny modeled and promoted for over 20 events, got chosen as one of “Philly 52” hottest woman, was then featured on their nine of hearts playing card, and even landed a spot in the Bud Light fantasy 2012 calendar for the month of April. She also became an intern for the company’s head department Brand Co. while furthering her education at Millersville University. Ebunny loves to be in front of the camera so much while at MU studying communications broadcasting, a video/media production club  was offered on campus and she knew this is where she needed to be. She learned a lot and it gave her more motivation toward her goals.

Ebunny is now a full time blogger, radio and TV host, Hennessy brand ambassador and the CCO of Live Sircuit. She’s consistently booking gigs and gaining more connections in Philly, D.C, ATL and more. She has been spotted at various networking, art, and music events and has been seen working with other local talent such as celebrity DJ, Dj Ricochet, stylist/photographer BusybeeDeej, celebrity consultant and web designer Sir-Anthony and more.
For the year of 2016, Ebunny plans to continue on building her EPK, religiously blog on Etalks Online, get into more acting and remain on her journey as an entrepreneur. She invites you along to support and watch her growth by staying connected with her on here, www.ebunnyshanay.com. Stay tuned!


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“This is great! I’m behind you 100%. Love you. Mom.”
Chinetha Napper


Welcome to my ETALKS blog post! ETALKS BLOG features inspiration, tutorials, and life’s journey through my eyes. It’s geared towards everyone especially those seeking self encouragement, guidance and clarity of life. People who would like to release their inhibitions will find my blog to be very beneficial. It would be a voice to some and an answer to others. Enjoy!

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